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Yellow Leaf is weaving hope and prosperity into the fabric of society in rural Thailand. 1.2 million hill tribe members dwell on the lowest rung of society, denied human rights, citizenship and education, and susceptible to exploitation through sex trafficking, faux-primitive tourist shows, child labor and indentured servitude in toxic slash and burn agriculture. They subsist on less than $1/day, a staggering 83% below Thai standards of poverty. Yellow Leaf is working to empower this population by employing them as weavers, currently impacting more than 2,600 lives within two generations.
For every weaver Yellow Leaf employs, they remove (on average) one family of five from toxic slash and burn forest clearing, effectively saving swaths of forest from destruction. Yellow Leaf's eco-friendliness extends to their products and business practices as well, where the hammocks are packaged in totes made from repurposed parachute fabric, shipments are offset through CarbonFund, collateral materials are printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks, and in a show of true commitment -- their office is entirely paperless!
Did your college ethics class teach you how to return dignity and self-determination to an entire population? No? The way we see it, that's about as ethically rich as it gets. Kudos to Yellow Leaf for compensating their weavers at 650% of average hill tribe income, thus creating high wage jobs for a marginalized group of people trapped in a cycle of extreme poverty, exploitation and degradation. Former slaves are being elevated to the Thai middle class and enjoying civil rights, citizenship and access to education and medical care.
Of the hundreds of Four Pillar models out there, the one utilized by Yellow Leaf Yellow takes a holistic approach to sustainability. They are committed to nourishing communities by promoting economic health, environmental stewardship, social equity and cultural vitality, aiming to impact the region and community as a whole.

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