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ABOUT Sencha Naturals

Literally a breath of fresh air, Sencha Naturals are mints on a mission. With their recent status as Kiva lenders, the company's mission is to help alleviate poverty through micro-lending at home and abroad. They now make contributions on a quarterly basis.
In 2009, Sencha Naturals became the first mint manufacturer to use solar powered energy to produce their green tea mints. Together with their newly introduced biodegradable tube packaging, Sencha looks pretty green inside and out.
Sencha Naturals seeks success beyond the profit margin. They source raw materials that are only non-GMO and use fair trade ingredients whenever possible. Rightfully so, they take pride in their honorable B Corp certification. Fresh? Check.
ABOUT Sencha Naturals Sencha Naturals was founded by David Kerdoon after an inspiring trek through Asia in 2001. During his journeys throughout the region, he discovered the numerous benefits of green tea, was educated on its cultivation, and learned of the extensive research being conducted on this fragile yet potent plant called Camellia sinensis. He was particularly intrigued by the “Sencha” variety of green tea, in which the leaves remain intact and impart a distinctly fresh flavor.

The goal was to create a socially responsible company that implemented this potent herb into unique and functional products beyond the traditional beverage. Three years of trial & error finally resulted in success: the world's first Green Tea Mints. The original SEN CHA mints have evolved into a variety of natural flavors & formulas, and are continuously being improved to ensure highest product quality, community responsibility, and environmental sustainability. The company only sources from Fair Trade & Organic Certified estates through Fair Trade USA that insure fair wages for farmers and workers to invest premiums back in their community.

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