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Roma Boots Classic Plum Rain Boots

by Roma Boots
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Product Details

Roma boots are the perfect choice for style and comfort. This all-weather rain boot in Glossy Plum is sophisticated and fun for business and casual dress. Product Specifications Outsole: Traditional natural rubber sole Made from 100% Natural Rubber Lining: Quick dry knitted cotton lining Footbed: Multi-layer cushioned insole Height: 38 cm, 1" heel, Rounded Toe (Size down for half size) Ships only within Continental United States (Estimated shipping time: 3-5 Business Days)


Buy One, Give One: for every pair of rainboots sold, Roma Boots donates a pair to a child living in poverty. Named after the Roma ethnic group, these comfortable, durable rainboots are primarily delivered to Roma children in Central and Eastern Europe, quite a cold, wet climate for children on the streets. Roma Boots knows that proper footwear is just the first step out of poverty for these underserved kids. Education is the bigger goal, so every pair of rainboots delivered comes with a backpack and school supplies. It's raining joy!

Contact, Returns and Exchanges

Due to our one-for-one charity structure, we have a no-return policy, however, we do accept unworn boots for exchange. Please email for more details.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email Roma Boots directly at

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